July 16, 2024

Maria Fedele

My name is Maria Fedele and I have been a legal assistant with Fred A. Truglio & Associates for 25 years. With a paralegal studies background, I am currently the office manager and a pre-litigation specialist supporting our attorneys in all areas of personal injury, worker’s compensation and medical malpractice.

As injuries of every type affect each individual physically, financially and emotionally, through my extensive experience, I have strived to meet and address each client’s needs to facilitate their claim process effectively and seamlessly. Meeting personally with each new client, my role is to collect information, explain and answer any questions so we can work together with our mutual goal being a fair and equitable settlement, most often without necessity of a lawsuit. Once settled along with Mr. Truglio, I tediously negotiate all hospital, physician, healthcare, public aid and medicare liens, always in the interest of maximizing clients’ net proceeds and eliminating further financial obligation. I also work closely with our litigation dept in the pre-litigation to litigation transition in the event a lawsuit is file on a client’s behalf.

Throughout the years, we have gained our clients’ respect and confidence as illustrated by the vast amount of referrals resulting in many lifelong clients and friendships. We care and make ourselves available to listen, understand and get results.