June 23, 2024


In an attempt to help answer the most frequently asked questions relating to personal injury claims, we have put together this brief FAQ section.  Please take into account that the following questions and answers are general information.  What follows is not intended to be legal advice.  Every situation and personal injury claim has unique circumstances and legal issues surrounding it.  Please contact us at (312) 251-3410 for a free initial consultation to discuss the details of your claim with an experienced Chicago injury lawyer.

Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer?

In most instances, injured individuals benefit by hiring a lawyer to represent them.  Keep in mind that the goals of insurance companies are to pay nothing or as little as possible to resolve your claim.  They hire experienced professionals to ensure that this happens.

By hiring The Law Offices of Fred Truglio & Associates to represent your interests, you will have a firm with experience and proven results on your side.  We will help you deal with the insurance company, medical providers, employer, and creditors allowing you to focus on your recovery.  We offer free initial consultations to discuss your claim as well as a no fee guarantee.

What Should I Do If I Am Injured In An Accident?

If you have suffered an injury as the result of an accident, the most important thing you can do is collect and keep any available evidence of what occurred.  This includes:

  • Names and contact information for any witnesses
  • Photographs and documentation of the events
  • Police Reports
  • Medical Records
  • Business Records
  • Medical attention – including arrangements to get treatment as soon as you can

Consultation with an attorney is an important step as well.  We can help you preserve any evidence and present your case.

How Much Is My Case Worth??

Each injury claim and situation is unique.  There is no “formula” to determine the exact amount your case is worth prior to investigating the unique circumstances of your situation.

The value of the case depends on the extent of your injuries, how you were injured, the degree of “pain and suffering”, medical expenses, and the amount of past and future wages lost.  After conducting a thorough investigation, we will be able to assess the compensation that you may be due and let you know a monetary value assigned to the case.

Will My Case Go To Trial or Will It Settle?

In the event that the insurance company or opposing party is not willing to pay a reasonable amount, then we take your case to trial and present it before a jury.  That being said, the majority of personal injury cases that are well prepared settle for reasonable compensation before they are presented to a jury.

Cases that need to be tried in front of a jury typically involve questions of liability or fault and medical issues about whether the accident caused a particular injury. We are experienced in presenting cases for settlement or at trial.

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