May 24, 2024

Steps To Take After A Chicago Auto Accident

Car accidents can disrupt your life. If you are involved in a vehicle accident, make sure to call the police, and have a police report written up at the scene. Because people’s memories and road conditions fade or change, a police report may be credible evidence at trial or settlement discussions. It documents what occurred a few moments after an accident. The closer a recording is to an accident, the more reliable.

At the scene, the police may give you a number to obtain the report from the police station. Make sure to get a copy and read it carefully. If you have insurance, send a copy to the insurance company. The police report may even assist in assigning liability if the police officer specifies a party violated the vehicle code. Even if there is no citation issued for a violation, the officer indicates that the accident occurred because of the carelessness of one side.

If after the accident, you see that the officer made a negative comment in a police report about you or did not include something, find the officer and ask the officer to say for sure who was at fault, or state that the officer cannot tell clearly who was at fault if that is the case. If you find the officer, s/he will most likely go by what is in the report because s/he writes so many reports s/he may be unable to remember one accident from another. Note the date and time you speak with the officer so if the other party claims you are liable for the accident because of an officer’s negative comment, you can say you already asked the officer about it and the officer declined to state specifically who was at fault.

The police report will include all the parties involved in the accident and any witnesses at the scene. You do not need to determine who was at fault. Let a Chicago attorney handle the investigations. Give a copy of the police report to an experienced Chicago personal injury attorney who will notify anyone who might be at fault. Do not speak to the other parties in the accident. You just need to find out their addresses, full names, employers, and insurance details. You do not need to give a statement on your take about the accident. A Chicago personal injury attorney can help you let responsible parties know there was an accident on a particular date and time, that you were injured, and you intend to file a claim. Giving notice prevents unfair surprise when file a claim.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a car accident, contact us today to pursue your claims.

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