January 29, 2022

What to Do After a Car Accident

With people driving above the legal blood alcohol content limit and not paying attention to traffic laws, accidents occur everyday on Chicago streets. After an accident, write down what you were doing at the time of the accident, where you were going, the people you were with, the time and weather, shocks to your body, anything anyone said. Take notes of conversations with insurance adjusters, witnesses, and medical personnel. These notes will be invaluable to a Chicago injury attorney when obtaining the maximum monetary compensation for your property damages and bodily injuries.

When injured in an accident, following release from the hospital, make daily notes of your pain and activities. If you do not record your pain, you will forget them once you recover and the injury marks on your body clear away. Take photos of injuries to later prove they existed immediately. Scars heal over time, making it difficult to establish you were ever hurt.

For economic loss, document days taken off from work, job opportunities missed, classes absent from if going to school, social gatherings not attended.

If an accident is with a truck, the following parties may be responsible for a plaintiff’s injuries: truck driver, truck owner, vehicle manufacturer, truck cargo shipper. Each Chicago injury lawyer diligently investigates the relationships between the responsible parties to make sure truck drivers who do not have many assets or trucking companies that try to avoid liability by arguing the drivers are independent contractors do not leave an injured person with little recovery.

With truck accidents, driver errors are likely to be the cause of accidents more so than other factors like weather, road conditions, or vehicle performance. Federal regulations require trucking companies to test drivers for substance abuse. Besides alcohol impairment, sleep deprivation or prescriptions drugs may impair a driver.

Federal regulations have rules on hours of service to ensure drivers obtain needed rest to drive safely. To prove sleep deprivation, a Chicago injury lawyer investigates the truck driver’s logs. Drivers are required by federal laws to record their driving information. Discovery will be made of driver trip tickets for deliveries including stamps that expose the time a driver picks up a load.

Often the legal aspects of vehicle accidents require urgent action. Contact us today to obtain the maximum monetary compensation for vehicle accident losses.

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